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What makes our cannabis clones and seeds the best in the west?

We know how important good genetics are to the success of your crop. We’ve spent decades pheno hunting the best cannabis strains, selecting for the best of the best, to give you the top performers.


We put the effort in for all those years so you don’t have to. Why waste your time with untested genetics, when you can get clean, healthy clones of the best cultivars we hand selected for success?


We know the key to keeping your cultivation space free of pests and disease is to start with clones that are clean in the first place. Our facilities are always clean and our clones are tested to ensure purity.

  • How do you keep your clones free of pests & diseases?
    We use a rigorous integrated pest management protocol at our facility to keep all our plants and cultivation spaces free of pests and diseases. We only sell clones that are clean and healthy! To learn more about our integrated pest management system, click HERE and sign up for a live video tour of our farm with one of the owners.
  • Do you have tests proving these clones are clean?
    Yes! We ONLY sell clones that are clean and healthy, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out the test results! Click HERE to review.
  • Where do you source your cannabis genetics from?
    We get our cannabis genetics from a variety of award winning breeders. We also work with rising stars in the cannabis genetics space and cross-breed our favorites to create excellent new cannabis cultivars that you just can't find anywhere else.
  • Do you make your own strains in house?
    Some of them we do! For seeds, we take our favorite phenotypes of our favorite strains and cross them to get the best of each parent in one amazing new cannabis cultivar. Want to be one of the first to grow a unique strain that we created ourselves? Click HERE to learn about “Grower Exclusives” and be the first in your state to produce our new, in-house cannabis strains!
  • Should I buy cannabis clones or feminized seeds?
    Clones VS seeds, the age old debate! Most growers prefer clones, because they produce such consistent results. This is because each clone of any strain you grow is cut from the same cannabis plant. There is no phenotypical variation in cannabis clones cut from the same cannabis plant, because they are all the same cannabis genetics. This makes for a very consistent cannabis grow and produces a consistent crop - all plants of that strain will be identical! Feminized cannabis seeds are better suited for field crops. If you are growing your cannabis crop outdoors in a large space (we’re talking acres of row crops of cannabis plants) and you will not have the time or resources to trellis them or offer them protection from the weather, then seed plants will stand up to the wind and rain more than clones. The downside of seed plants is that they are going to have some slight phenotypical variation, even from the best of cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds also do produce an occasional hermaphrodite plant, which can pollinate your crop if you don’t notice it in time. So, while seed plants’ taproot makes them sturdier for outdoor row crops, they are not usually the first choice for indoor or greenhouse grows. You can read more about this in our blog post Seeds VS Clones.
  • What’s the difference between feminized and regular seeds?
    The main difference is that regular seeds will produce a mix of male and female cannabis plants, and feminized seeds will produce only female plants (with occasional hermaphrodites when unders stress). Why does this matter? Well, if you want to grow a seedless cannabis flower, you will not want male cannabis plants onboard. Here’s why: Cannabis plants are dioecious, meaning that they have separate male and female plants that are required for pollination to occur. Without a male cannabis plant producing pollen, the female cannabis plants aren’t able to produce seeds, due to lack of pollination. This lack of pollination is what creates seedless flower, otherwise known as “sensemillia” and unpollinated cannabis flowers are more potent and produce more resin than cannabis flowers that have pollinated. So, if you want to grow from seeds but you don’t want to deal with males pollinating your cannabis, go with feminized cannabis seeds.
  • What is the difference between “premium clones” & “new release”?
    When it comes to the strains we sell clones of, we only sell the best of the best. That being said, some strains are more sought after than others, because they are new to the market. When you grow a strain that is rare and everyone wants it, that strain is just more valuable. So these newer, rare strains are part of our “New Release” collection, while out “Premium Clones” are great genetics you can trust, for less.
  • Is it safe and legal to buy cannabis clones online?
    Absolutely! Our clones and seeds may produce potent, high thc buds for your medical marijuana or recreational cannabis grow, but they ship out with .3% thc, which makes them federally legal under the 2018 farm bill. In fact the DEA came out in 2022 stating that they consider all parts of the cannabis plant that test at or under .3% thc to be legal hemp. Which is exactly what federal laws state as well. You can read more about the 2018 farm bill that makes this federally legal HERE or read the DEA’s statement on clones & seeds HERE.
  • Are these cannabis, marijuana, or hemp plants?
    Well, they are all cannabis plants. Legally, at the time of sale they are considered hemp, due to the lower concentrations of thc. Once they reach maturity, these plants will produce potent, high thc marijuana. But hemp and marijuana are both technically classified as cannabis.
  • Can you ship clones to my address?
    If hemp is legal where you live then YES, we can! For all 48 states in the continental US we offer express overnight shipping. For other locations, we can still ship to you but please contact us for details.
  • How do you keep clones alive in the mail?
    We ship clones carefully packed in a protective container. We send them overnight so they spend very little time in the shipping box. Please take your clones out of the box right away after delivery!
  • What happens if my order arrives damaged?
    If your order of clones or seeds arrives damaged, please take photos and contact us within 24 hours to be eligible for replacement product. If you do not contact us within 24 hours after delivery, you will NOT be eligible for a replacement product. Learn more about this HERE.
  • Can I order less than 10 clones online?
    No. We ship clones in a 10 pack and we do not sell less than 10 clones per order online. We DO sell clones in person at industry events, and you can buy less than 10 clones from us in person. Download our strain catalog and sign up for our email newsletter HERE to get notified when we’ll offer clones at an event near you!
  • Can I order large volume of clones and seeds in bulk?
    Yes! We love filling bulk orders, its a huge part of what we do and we have the capacity to fill very large order sizes for seeds and clones. Please see our Wholesale page HERE and request a quote today!

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